mark  This site provides chemical, physical and technological data of supercritical fluids based on projects organized by JCII under the sponsorship of NEDO ( "Development of Technology to Reduce the Burden on the Environment Using Supercritical Fluids "). The projects were pursued by the cooperation with the Supercritical Fluids Research Center ( AIST ) and with Japanese universities from 2000 to 2004. The project included a wide range of research and development works utilizing supercritical fluids that ranged basic research to technical development for industrial application plants. In this site, results and data from the projects are compiled in a readily accessible form to help visitors to understand fundamentals and applications of super fluids technology.

mark Organizations
JCII : Japan Chemical Innovation Institute
NEDO : New Energy Development Organization
AIST : National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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The organizations involved provide no warranties on the information provided with data and results being compiled for educational purposes only. The organizations cannot be held liable for damages or misuse of the information , or errors or omissions. Links to the site need to be authorized. Please direct inquiries, comments, and questions on the site to our contact address.